“As a registered dietitian, and principle wellness consultant for leading hotels, spas, and the food and beverage industries, it is extremely important to me that my clients and consumers are not falsely led by bogus or harmful dietary trends.

Nutrition and wellness is of course an essential part of my own daily life, so when clients ask my advice on new products on the market, I do my research to ensure that they are showering their bodies with the right foods to compliment their lifestyles.

Juicing is taking the world by storm and many companies have asked me to promote their products, yet it isn’t until I encountered Genie Concepts that I have been comfortable enough to put my nutrition-stamp of approval.

Unlike Genie, most commercial juice plans leave gaping nutritional holes in your diet, with the majority of the calories in these juice beverages come from carbs, including high amounts of natural sugar from fruits and some vegetables. That means almost all commercial juice plans are grossly inadequate in protein, a key nutrient that helps you feel full and energized while maintaining your lean muscle mass and boosting your metabolic burn. In fact, following a low-protein diet while simultaneously cutting calories causes you to lose a higher proportion of weight as muscle tissue (as opposed to fat), which puts the brakes on your metabolism and reduces strength. Plus, most of the fiber in fruits and vegetables is lost during juicing if the pulp is not added back to the drink… a common (and ironic) issue with commercial juice blends on the market.

Genie beverages tackle this issue head on. Not only do their juices taste really delicious – ‘Garden Gnome and ’Splash were my favorites – but they also combine the 2 essential nutrients lost in most commercial juice beverages – protein and fiber. With the addition of protein from chia seeds, and soluble fiber from psyllium husks, Genie’s juices help to keep your blood sugars steady, and leave you feeling both energized, and satiated. For this, they receive an A+.

Whether you are downing a ‘Four Leaf Clover’ or a ‘Carrot Ginger’, all of Genie’s juices are an easy way to shower your body with concentrated amounts of nutrient-packed vegetables and fruit (helloooo vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants). Plus, these drinks are automatically low in ingredients you want to avoid, like toxic fats, added sugars and salt”.

RDs Verdict?

“If you want to try juicing, my advice is to skip the high sugar commercial blends on the market and take the plunge with Genie Concepts. At least you know that you will be providing your body with a nutritionally sound product for the days that you will be committing to. After your plan is done (do not go longer than what is recommended) why not carry over the positive changes you’ve made into your daily lifestyle?

Add one of Genie’s juices to your daily regime with or in place of one of your meals. This way, you reap the potent produce benefits and continue to get your fill of health-promoting whole foods, including powerful proteins such as beans, lentils, whole-grains, tofu, seafood, nuts and lean meats”.

Gabrielle K. Tüscher, MS, RD.

Tüscher Nutrition
Registered Dietitian/Nutrition
Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant

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