The more prepared you are, the easier the transition and the better the results.  This means – just because you are going on a juice cleanse, it does not give you credit points towards having a mega 3 course meal and bottle of vino the night beforehand…be good to yourself and ease into it.

We recommend in the days leading up to your cleanse to phase out the coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, meats and dairy for delicious fruits, veggies, salads and soups to get the most out of what you put in.  The earlier the better.

For a 1 day cleanse, we recommend at least 1 day pre cleanse
For a 2 day cleanse, we recommend at least 1 day pre cleanse
For a 4 day cleanse, we recommend at least 3 days pre cleanse
For a 6 day cleanse, we recommend at least 4 days pre cleanse


Post Cleanse

Chances are that post cleanse your body will be loving all the goodness you have been putting into it and you will not experience urges to chow down on a big cheesy burger immediately after. However, if you do…RESIST!  Take it step by step to gradually and gracefully return to your normal, yet new and improved healthier diet.

Listen to your body, don’t overeat, chew lots and eat slowly to help your insides adjust.  We highly urge you to avoid fried foods, red meat, eggs and wheat in the first day or so post cleansing.

Sample menu to get you started:

Breakfast  Start the day with water and lemon juice, followed by a light breakfast: porridge or bircher muesli, fruits and yogurt
Lunch  A salad is perfect
Dinner  Go for some grilled fish or chicken with a side of steamed veggies
Snack  Nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, veggie sticks and hummus


Genie Tips

When to Drink You will have six Genie juices per day, we suggest to drink them in their numbered order starting from 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm, but it’s really up to you.

Don’t Gulp! Take your time with the juices, keep them on your desk and take sips.  Similar to the effects of chewing, it allows the production of more saliva which will kick start the digestive process and ensures you receive maximum nutrients from your Genie.

Hydrate We recommend a glass of water or herbal tea for every juice (aim for 1.5 – 2 liters over the course of the day).  Start the day with lemon juice and warm water, this helps to stimulate your digestion as well as start the cleansing process as lemon juice is an excellent detoxifier.

Pooping! You need to keep your digestive tract open and moving.  Your body will need to adjust to the change, and we can suggest a little help from “smooth move” herbal teas or a colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

Beauty Rest Your body needs sleep, we recommend you plan ahead to have time for eight hours a night.  Cut back on that social schedule, its important you give your body time to restore, heal and rejuvenate.  You should find yourself naturally winding down a little earlier than usual whilst cleansing, so this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Detox Symptoms You are cleansing your temple of toxins, so it should not unexpected that some classic and common symptoms may occur: headaches, cravings, weakness, dry mouth, runny nose, nausea, cramps, constipation and gas.

Speak Up Send us your feedback, tell your friends, update your facebook or blog about your experience.


Enhance your Detox

Here are some fun things to do that will enhance your experience, make the most out of your newly found spare time!

Light to Moderate Exercise helps your lymph system move toxins through the body to the organs of elimination. Walking, gentle yoga and other non-extreme workouts will help you get the most from the cleanse.  You’ll surely be pleasantly surprised with your body’s energy levels whilst cleansing.

Massage also helps move toxins around and out of the body.  Schedule a circulatory or Swedish massage during your cleanse if you can. if your masseuse is made aware that you’re cleansing and gently and slowly massages the liver, it definitely boosts the effects of your cleanse!  The liver gets extremely busy during a Cleanse and is conveniently located where we can reach it, applying physical manipulation to assist in its detox.

Sweating it Up in a Sauna or steam room is another trick to speed up any detox – better out, than in!  Couple that with a series of hot and cold showers and you’ll feel like a new person.  A hot bath does wonders as well.